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BYP Back in Bridgewater High

From Weds 14th Oct BYP will be going back to school.

Our new School and Community Youth Worker (Georgie Kennedy) and John Harper will be delivering an amazing resource called Thrive to support the well being of all year 9's and year 11's.

BYP will have weekly half hour sessions with a class from Year 11 and on Weds 21st Oct we will be spending an hour with each of the 10 classes in Year 9, as part of there personal development day.

The sessions are specifically designed to help young people start to process the massive disruption of the pandemic and to better manage their own emotions, anxieties and mental health.

At the end of each session, each young person will be given a feedback form which will allow them the opportunity to identify themselves as wanting follow up support in one or more of the areas we cover. This will hopefully allow us to build deeper relationships of trust and support with the young people in our area who need support in coping with the current upheaval.


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