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Russell's Ramp

A week ago on 2nd Oct, we marked a year since we lost our beloved Chairman, Russell Booth.

As a board at BYP we always said we wanted to find a way of celebrating Russell's significant contribution and his character.

This is easier said than done, especially when our youth centre is a fairly basic structure and is in fairly run-down surroundings.

- The plaque in Russell's honour

The idea of creating Russell's Ramp was therefore born out of a recognition of Russell's passion to make our youth work accessible and long lasting. It is far from a perfect object to represent Russell but the concrete Ramp reflects his durability, faithfulness and reliability. Its upward trajectory is much like his drive to always improve what we were doing. The very nature of a ramp says that it wants this project to be open to all who need it. That was Russell. He fought the good fight, he finished the race (sooner than any of us were prepared to say goodbye) and he kept the faith. (2 Tim 4:7)

On Thurs 1st Oct the board of BYP and the 3 volunteers who helped to build the ramp (Dan and Andrea Whitehead and Hannah Kay) gathered with the family to remember Russell and officially open the new ramp in Russell's honour.

- Amanda (Russell's wife) and Olivia (Russell's youngest daughter) officially cutting the ribbon

- Russell's family using the ramp for the first time after its official opening.

On the night we gathered inside for tea and scones and shared memories of Russell together.

At BYP we have said that whatever building we go on to occupy, we will always have a part of it that is dedicated to the legacy of Russell's passion, faith and character.


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