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About Us

Broomfields Youth Project (BYP) is a multi award-winning voluntary Christian youth work partnership that seeks to be a signpost and support for young people.

Being part of the local community, and working in partnership with multiple agencies, BYP aim to signpost and support ANY 13-17 year olds in our local community who want help with emotional and mental health needs. 

BYP's aim is to welcome and value each young person, while reflecting the love we have been shown, to the young people who come to us. We want all young people to feel like they belong and have a purpose.

The 'Shack' youth centre was built to allow BYP to develop beyond our original Friday night intervention work, by creating a space where deeper relationships can encourage change. We now focus much of our resource around supporting and leading Bridgewater High with their work in the areas of mental and emotional wellbeing.

Since BYP's inception in Nov 2009 the local Police stats have shown a consistent reduction in anti-social behaviour in the area.

Our experienced board of directors includes Stuart Cole, Kay Webb, Dawn Appleton, Andrew Gerrard and Tim Grainger

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