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Bible and Breakfast

Everything is welcome for breakfast at the Shack. We finish our time with a short devotion and prayer.


Time: 8:00 - 8:30am

Days: Every Tuesday and Thursday (within term time)


Friday Night Project

Operating on 2 sites.

We have full use of the astroturf and open our youth centre called 'the Shack' on the rear car park of Broomfeilds Leisure Centre

2 detached workers based out at Alexandra Park 

Time: 7:45-10pm

Days: Friday


WYFC Christian Union

Every Tuesday after school run by WYFC  (as part of the Bridgewater High enrichment program) and hosted by BYP. This is a  group where people can relax, talk, listen to music, play PS4 and then discuss aspects of Christianity​.

Time: 3:15-4:30pm

Location: The Shack (BYP)



Mental Health Breakfast Chat
(Currently not meeting)

Everyone is welcome for breakfast at the Shack. This is a time where people can come and eat together and go through a resource called Shuffle Mindset.

Time and day: Thurs 8:00 - 8:30am and 4th Sunday of every month (within term time) 7:30 - 9:00pm

Where: The Shack


Friday Night Football
+ Detached Work

BYP have full use of the brand new astroturf.

You can sign up to play football each Friday night by texting your name and year group to 07840 456564. You must register with this number for track and trace purposes.

Players need to wear astroturf shoes or studded boots.

The Shack, on the rear car park of Broomfields Leisure Centre, is open as a takeaway cafe on a Friday night at present, with free hot drinks for young people.

2 detached workers based out at Alexandra Park 7.30-10.30pm

Time: 8-10pm at the astroturf                      Day: Friday

Hot Choc & Chat BYP 2020.png

Hot Choc n' Chat

Lunchtime Club at Bridgewater High
(currently not running)

Every Tuesday in Room 103 and hosted by BYP.

This is a  group where young people can relax, get a free hot chocolate, talk about what is on their mind and play a game together.

Time: 1:10-1:50pm 

Location:  Tues Room 103

Other groups

Dreaming The Impossible

Youth Festival with thousands of young people in Nottingham.

Fri 30th July to Mon 2nd Aug 2021. Cost £150

See youtube videos of it and ask John H for details


Afterschool Drop-in

(currently not running)

Every Tuesday and Thursday during term time. 3pm-4.30pm @ The Shack

Some time to chill out, have something to eat and drink, play a few games and hang out with friends.

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Limitless Festival Picture.jpg

Contact Us:

01925 213214          in session

07840 456564 


 Sun Nights 7-8pm

1st Sun: SAS - Sundays @ the Shack

2nd Sun of the Month: Worship and Wait

3rd: SAS - Sundays @ the Shack

4th: SAS - Sundays @ the Shack

Text 07840456564 to book a place