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New Lunch Club: Hot Choc & Chat

We wanted to share a little update about the new lunch club we have launched in Bridgewater this January...

"Hot Choc & Chat" is somewhere students can come and grab a hot chocolate and have the chance to offload. Somewhere they can come and speak about what's on their mind, the things that are troubling them or just simply how they feel at the moment.

Our hope is through Hot Choc & Chat we can identify and get to know students who might need a bit more support. From here we can then invite them to take part in other resources and courses we will be delivering in the school in the future and have a bit more of a focused time with them looking at what might help them.

We are currently in Lower Site on a Tuesday and it is proving to be very popular! We have a max of 25 students and often hit that number. It's been a strong start in Lower Site and we're excited to be starting a Hot Choc & Chat on Upper Site on Thursdays soon - stay tuned!

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