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Guess Who's Back...

Jen's back!

After furlough, a baby and maternity leave I am FINALLY back at BYP and just in time for the new school year! A massive thank you to everyone who sent congratulations, gifts and prayers - they were (and are) so appreciated.

It's great to be back with John and Georgie and we're really excited to get going. Our focus this year is on building strong relationships with the students. This means looking and thinking longer term as well as bigger picture. We are already back with our Head Strong sessions and will be launching lunch clubs and new resources in the next few weeks so do keep a look out for our next blog post

If you can, please pray for us as we start this new term. Whilst the world is returning to some sort of norm we cannot be sure of a smooth school year ahead. Consistency is a really important part of working with young people so we pray we can support the students and get going on the work we'd really love to do without any major disruption

Thank you once again for all the support you give to us here at BYP - we really do appreciate it.


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