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BYP wants to empower girls in our area to live up to the high value and worth that is naturally within them.

So, you might have heard us talk about Rooted a few times in newsletters and such but what exactly is it?

Rooted is a resource created by Scripture Union but adapted to the work we do here at BYP in Schools. It's a 10 week course with each session lasting 1 hour. Each week we look at a different topic ranging from Identity, Our Journey, Dreams and Aspirations to Friendships, Influences, Emotions and more. During the course the students work through their own notebooks looking at the topic through discussion, creative tasks and reflective exercises. The students attending are selected by the school and have been identified as those who would benefit from having some further support around mental wellbeing.

Jen has used Rooted lots in her previous work and from her experience knows it's a great resource for working with students on reflecting on different aspects of their lives and helping them to identify areas they might want to work further on. It has a great mix of fun and serious and the sweets always help...

At BYP we are currently running THREE Rooted's; a year 11, year 10 and a year 9 group. It is proving very popular with Bridgewater which is great news for us!

When we finished our first course with yr 11, all of them gave Rooted a 5 out of 5 for enjoyment and how useful they found the course. A couple of further comments from that group were:

“I found these 10 weeks very beneficial, and I am very grateful for the experience.”

“Thank you for a very nice 10 weeks. I’ve really looked forward to it every week and I’m really sad it’s finished.”

Please pray for our groups, that they would find it helpful and would be brave enough speak up and be honest if there is something they need help with. Please pray for us that we are sensitive to their needs and can be lasting relationships.


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