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New School and Community Youthworker... and baby

Georgie Kennedy joined the BYP team in September as maternity cover for Jen Anderson, who gave birth to Olivia in August!

Georgie was a pupil at Bridgewater High, then graduated from York university and has lived in the area for many years. More recently Georgie has trained as a Counsellor and volunteered extensively at BYP with our work in the area of Mental Health and young people.

Georgie will be heavily involved in our work this year with Bridgewater High school as we roll out a new programme in class, called Thrive (details to follow). Georgie is running our takeaway Cafe with Appleton FC on Saturdays at the Shack and is part of the Friday night detached team that is working in the local area.

On Thurs evenings Georgie, assisted by Jeannette Robson, is running our well established Mental Health Chat group, who are able to meet in the Shack regularly for sessions.


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